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The role of a Councillor is a voluntary role with the option to claim an allowance, applicable only to elected members, as set by the parish council on an annual basis.  No claims have been made up to the Municipal year 2017/18.

2017/18 Councillor allowances paid during the year can be viewed here:  Annual payments year ending 31st March 2018

Travel allowances for parish purposes are recommended as a maximum of 45p per mile for the first 10,000 miles (25p per mile thereafter) regardless of vehicle engine size, 24p per mile for motor cycles and 20p per mile for travel by cycle.

Maximum rates of  subsistence: maximum rates for breakfast is £6.00, lunch allowance £7.50 and evening meal £12.00:

Meet your Councillors

Robert Passmore [Ramsey Ward] – Acting Chairman

Rob is currently Acting Chairman as of 9th July 2018 following the sad passing of our Past Chairman Cllr George Elmer. Rob  will be attending the meetings of the Tendring District Association of Local Councils, Rob also holds the position as Transport representative for the Ramsey Ward and works closely with the Payback Team in arranging projects for the team to carry out in both Ramsey and Parkeston Wards, together with the position of Tree and Footpaths Warden for Ramsey and attends meetings of the ECC Local Highways Panel.

Telephone : 07813 856195

Notice of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests

Tanya Ferguson [Parkeston Ward]

Tanya acts as both Parish Councillor for Parkeston and Tendring District Councillor (Ramsey & Parkeston Wards), allowing Tanya to assist the Parish Council with issues at the next tier of government.

Telephone :  07757 124325

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 David Bird [Ramsey Ward]

David has been co-opted to the council in 2017 and is working hard to improve his neighbourhood in Clayton Road, Ramsey and the surrounding area.

Telephone: 07586 056217

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Martyn Donn [Ramsey Ward]

Martyn has recently resigned his position working to ensure the maintenance of the Parkeston Cemetery is kept to high standards and his input over the years has set such a high standard.

Telephone :  07773 991663

Notice of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests

Bill Davidson [Parkeston Ward]

Bill continues with the role to represent the Council on the Harwich International Port and Haltermann Carless Liaison Committee meetings. Bill also holds the position of Tree and Footpaths Warden for the Parkeston Ward together in working hard in the upkeep of the Parkeston Cemetery.

Telephone :  07506  212377

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Simon Collis [Parkeston Ward]

Simon continues to hold the position as Transport representative for the Parkeston Ward and will support Rob Passmore in attending ECC Local Highways Panel meetings.

Telephone :  07462 914462

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Anthony Colbourne [Ramsey Ward]

Co-opted onto the Parish Council on 21st June 2018 and has been voted to become the Transport Representative for Ramsey.

Telephone: 07766 225447

Edwin Ramsay [Ramsey Ward]

Ed will continue in representing the Council in attending meetings of the Harwich International Port  and Haltermann Carless Liaison Committee meetings.

Telephone : 07785 762404

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David Smith [Ramsey Ward]

Telephone :  07688 492662

 Notice of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests

Sarah Stertz [Parkeston Ward]

Sarah continues to represent the Council in attending Haltermann Carless meetings.

Telephone :  07909 815266

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Vacancy  [Parkeston Ward]

Following the passing of George Elmer our long standing Parish Councillor and Chairman a vacancy has arisen for this ward, the procedure to advertise this vacancy will be in place in a timely manner and in respect of George and his family, not until after he is laid at rest.

Meet your Clerk

Lin Keating

Employed by the Council since October 2003 as Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer, a resident of Parkeston since 2000, with an ever growing knowledge and understanding being gained of both wards represented by the Parish Council.

Certificate of Employers’ Liability Insurance

Telephone : (home) 01255 502616   (mobile) 07790 919094

Serving The Local Community